Paddock improvements at Port Stephens Enable charity events

Steve riding in the last charity event
Steve riding in the last charity event

PORT Stephens Horse Training Centre has recently renovated their paddocks, ready for the businesses official opening.

Located in front of Hellfire Paintball at Salt Ash, the facilities have undergone thousands of dollars in maintenance, taking 12 to 18 months to complete.

The business specialises in teaching riders camp training and team penning.

The training centre has hosted charity events in the past in order to raise money for the Kids Cancer Project.

They are hoping their improved paddocks will enable them to host another event in the next six months as well as increasing success on the day.

Their past charity event generated $6,400 on one day and another $6,300 the next.

Mayor of Port Stephens Bruce MacKenzie donated his cattle for the last charity event, with the events only able to be run through the kind donations of cattle.

No animals or cattle are harmed at these events and are only used for a few minutes each.

The training centre only uses very specific cows as a new innovation in horse training.

Coming from Indonesia, the cows are Banteng crossed with American Long Horn.

Owner and operator of the business, Steve Hugnagl told News Of The Area; “We encourage people to come on down to our new facility.”

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“It is open to anyone with a horse who wants to have some fun, teach the horse some discipline, and learn some new skills.”

It’s open 7 days a week and offers group and individual training.

Bookings are essential in order for Steve to access horses for suitability and training capacity.

“If you can teach a horse the right thing from the beginning, it will remember it for the rest of its life.”

“It can be very hard to train a horse after its been trained incorrectly”, he said.





A variety of riders participating in the last charity event
A variety of riders participating in the last charity event

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