Pandora celebrates health and sharing food in Nourished by Nature cookbook

Pandora Colledge publishes Nourished by Nature. Photo: Tom Hoy.


PANDORA Colledge, Emerald Beach-based nutritionist, has added author to her achievements, becoming a first-time self-published creator of her own printed book.

Nourished by Nature cookbook shares the story of Pandora’s life in food and background as a nutritionist and vegan chef.

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“The message is to bring more plants to your plate at a time when the planet is in crisis,” Pandora told News Of The Area.

“Eating and farming less animals is better for your health and the health of the planet according to the EAT Lancet Report 2019.”

Pandora has always loved cooking and sharing food, and with her understanding of how food nurtures the body she has developed a passion for seeing food as medicine.

Around 15 years ago she became qualified as a nutritionist and then went on to graduate as a vegan chef in Byron Bay.

“The Nourished by Nature cookbook idea was conceived 30 years ago and finally birthed after 30 years’ gestation,” she said.

As a self-funded author, Pandora sought out a creative team she loved – her family.

“My daughter Montanna Coulson and partner Tom Hoy did the food styling and photography and Montanna did the graphic design for the whole book.”

Son-in-law Joel Brauer, a startup writer, was editor and proofreader for the book.

“A young burgeoning team with clear talent – I hope this book will give them well-earnt professional recognition.

“It is a privilege that the book was created on Gumbaynggirr Country, where the Indigenous people were known for sharing of food, a tribute I make at the beginning of the book.

“This recipe book is about the love of sharing food with family and friends; nutritious, delicious and mouthwatering dishes, a strong push toward gut health through plant fibres, eating more plants for your health and by doing this encouraging less animal and dairy in your diet for your health and the planet’s health according to the EAT Lancet report 2019.”

The book is consciously Australian made and printed here in a sustainable way.

A donation of $2 from the sale of every book goes to WWF Australia “to help fight climate change and contribute to our collective voices to save our planet from Global warming”.

Pandora’s business is Pandora’s Plate and is on Instagram and Facebook.





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