Parish Priest Moonlights as Brekky DJ

Breakfast with Kesh Wednesday mornings at Port Stephens 100.9 FM.Photo by Jewell Drury
Breakfast with Kesh Wednesday mornings at Port Stephens 100.9 FM.Photo by Jewell Drury

We have heard of some strange happenings over the past years, but halfway through the second decade of the new millennium, the reports just keep getting stranger.

Last Wednesday morning Bay News Of the Area visited Port Stephens 100.9 FM for breakfast and had to take a second look at who the early morning Brekky DJ was.

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Sitting in the seat was none other than Nelson Bay’s Anglican Parish Priest Kesh Govan moonlighting as the Brekky DJ.

Kesh has been Brekky DJ for the past six weeks and has brought upbeat, vibrant start to Wednesday mornings as he shares jokes and music with his early morning listeners.

“I guess it’s not every day that the local parish priest is asked to be a presenter of a radio station,” Kesh Govan told Bay News Of The Area.

“I love having the opportunity to wake people up happy, getting to pick my choice of songs and jokes to start their day,” Rev Govan said.

Kesh is as “high as a kite” first thing in the morning as he bounces into his day, enthralling listeners with his funny stories, jokes and music.

His morning begins at 4 am, arriving at the studio at 5 am to prepare for his early morning breakfast show.
Reverend Kesh Rico Govan took over as rector at Nelson Bay with wife, Catherine, and their four children in August 2014.

The town hasn’t been the same since, with those he meets becoming infected by his natural vibrancy, enthusiasm and zest for life.

Before arriving in Australia, Kesh was vicar of three churches in England.
The youngest of eight, Reverend Govan was the only one of his family born in the UK, after his parents and siblings fled to England from Portugal as refugees.

Port Stephens 100.9 FM is streamed live all over the world, which allows Kesh’s family and friends from the UK, South Africa, Ireland and Canada to tune in through the live link on Port Stephens FM.

Tune in every Wednesday morning between 6am – 9am for a kick start to your day.
You will be glad that you did.

By Jewell DRURY

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