Park Beach Bowls Club Phoenix Open Pairs


THE draw for the prestigious Phoenix Open Pairs has been conducted with 84 bowlers to take to the Park Beach Bowls Clubs greens on Monday 5 July through until the final on Friday 9 July.

42 team nominations have been accepted with some of the biggest names in Australian and International Bowls lining up for the $38,250 in total prize money.

Leading the charge will be Irish and Australian Champion Jeremy Henry who will play with Kevin Anderson.

Henry is a dual World Champion and has twice won the Gold Medal at the Commonwealth Games.

Another international visitor is Ryan Bester.

The Canadian now lives on the Gold Coast and has been Australian Bowls player of the year 3 times, won the World Championship in Pairs, and has 3 Silver medals in the World Singles Championships.

Australian Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist Kelvin Kerkow will partner Alstonville’s 2020 NSW Champion bowler Peter Taylor, the current Australian Bowler of the Year.

There will be a number of locals taking on the big names including Jim Swan, Kent Price, Cory Daley, Dale Condon, Joe Clarke and David Hall.

The Park Beach Greens will be all action from 5 July through until 9 July.

A player Calcutta tournament will be held after the first round on Monday evening allowing everyone to be involved in the tournament.


Section                  Team                     Lead                                       Skip


1                              John Green                           Nathan Wise

2                              Geoff Sutcliffe                      Ken Sutcliffe

3                              George Hemmings             Jim Swan

4                              Ian Jones                              Peter Gould

5                              Seb Thompson                    Warren Murray

6                              Mark Berghoffer                  Chris Herden


7                              Sean Ingham                        Garry Kelly

8                              Stephen Lucey                     Greg Welsh

9                              Richard lee                           Greg Brims

10                           Colin Stanley                        David Wilcox

11                           Michael Ahoy                        Robert Cutmore

12                           Kent Price                             Rick Southam


13                           Josh Berry                             Ryan Bester

14                           Graham Morris                     Stacy Morris

15                           Steven Sole                          Braden Sole

16                           Joseph Clarke                      Cory Daley

17                           Geoff Lehmann                   Vicki Lehmann

18                           Michael Ibbotson                 Harley McDonald


19                           Bret Norman                         Shannon White

20                           Nathan Wilson                      Indy Conlan

21                           Paul Staggard                      Gus Templeton

22                           Jared Hunt                            Shannon Tighe

23                           Edward Wright                      Richard Dixon

24                           Callum Murray                     David Ferguson


25                           Kevin Anderson                   Jeremy Henry

26                           John Bradley                        Stan Russ

27                           Dale Condon                        Neville Brown

28                           Adrian Samuelsson            Paul Harrison

29                           Greg Harris                           Peter Griffith

30                           Ben Morthope                      Beau Prideaux


31                           Michael Clarke                     Darren Morrison

32                           Rex Foster                            Daniel Foster

33                           Paula Braidwood                 Lauretta Marchese

34                           Colin Pollock                        Daniel Knight

35                           Dion Brown                           Morris Luckwell

36                           David Hall                             Martin Gosper


37                           Kelvin Kerkow                      Peter Taylor

38                           Ben Crotty                             Michael Howard

39                           Rhys Riddell                         Barry Smith

40                           Brett Wright                           Ray Emerson

41                           Shayne Mathieson              Lance Bradshaw

42                           Chris Roberts                        Mason Lewis



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