Park Beach Bowls Ladies Consistency Finals

Jan Slater and Ruth Jupp


LAST Thursday saw the concurrent running of the Park Beach Ladies Bowls Club Major and Minor Consistency Finals.

The Major final was between Jan Slater and Ruth Jupp, while the Minor final was between Ann Worboys and Sharyn Bischa.

As is always the case with the ladies, a large number of spectators and supporters turned up on the day to watch, and they were not disappointed.

The standard of play in both finals was superb.

Both matches were hard fought, with scores very even for most of the matches. In fact for a large portion of the games both final match scores were all even.

But there had to be winners, and in the end Jan Slater prevailed in the Major Final and Sharyn Bischa won the Minor Final.




Ann Worboys and Sharyn Bischa

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