Park Beach Contributions Plan amended to support area’s growth

The Park Beach Area Contributions Plan has been amended by Coffs Harbour City Council to ensure required infrastructure work can take place in the growing area. Photo: Emma Darbin.


THE Park Beach Area Contributions Plan has been amended by Coffs Harbour City Council to support the future growth of the area.

The contributions plan seeks a financial contribution towards the development and level of infrastructure that is required to support the needs of this growing area.

The Coffs Harbour Development Control Plan 2015 makes provision for multi-unit housing and tourist accommodation development at Park Beach.

As a consequence of this additional development and having regard to the level of facilities already available, it will be necessary for Council to provide open space and recreational facilities, traffic management facilities, footpaths and car parking in the Park Beach area.

“The amended draft Park Beach Area Contributions Plan will support the increased demand on infrastructure within the catchment due to the local growing residential community as well as the new tourist population that is expected to frequent this area over coming years,” a Council report stated.

“Key infrastructure items have been identified throughout the catchment area to provide improved traffic calming, footpath/cycle ways, street scaping, additional car parking, enhanced active recreation space, and an amenities block, to meet the demands of the growing population.”

Amendments made to the plan following its first public exhibition period in May 2020 include extending the designated catchment area to include lands to the north and west of Hogbin Drive, increasing the projected lot yield to 791, reducing the term of the draft contributions plan from 15 years to 10 years, and consideration of the use of this space and facilities by the broader LGA community.

Seventeen public submissions were received by Council about the plan following the plan’s second public exhibition period in July 2020.

At Council’s recent meeting on Thursday 26 August, councillors unanimously resolved to adopt the amended Park Beach Area Contributions Plan to commence on 30 November 2021.

Current development applications which are to be determined by Council in the near future will be exempt from the new changes that have been made to the Contributions Plan.

The Park Beach Area Contributions Plan originally came into operation in August 2006.

Contributions plans provide a mechanism for the collection of funds to enable the provision of infrastructure required as a result of new development.



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