Park Beach Sunday Funday

PARK Beach Sunday Funday

The beautiful weather on Sunday morning saw another group of bowlers, both top level and brand new, compete against one another to the sound of some classic Rock n Roll.

To make the game a little more interesting on these Sundays each bowler plays six ends in all three positions – Lead, Second and Skip.

And just to add some more fun, each team has three Power Play ends where they get double points.

At the end of the game, when all bonus points were factored in, Sharyn Bischa and Denise Walsh picked up the Jackpot Prize Money for the highest margin win, following a comfortable win over Ann Worboys and Jenny Rodwell.

Other results were:

J. Watkins, R. DeMeio & M. DeMeio def J. Clarke, A. Hardy & K. Read 24 to 20

R. McIntyre, P. Poulton & R. Lane def P. Quinlan, S. Campbell & W. Little 24 to 11

A. Wroe, S. Betts & P. Wroe def A. Stone, J. Kennedy & J. Phillips 19 to 15

D. Doyle, D. Lambert & R. Holloway def D. Condon, M. Star & S. Rodwell 23 to 16

There won’t be any Sunday Funday games next Sunday as the Park Beach greens are booked out with visiting Travelling Bowlers from Iluka.

The next event will be on the 27 June, with the music theme being The Eagles.



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