Park Beach Women’s Bowling Club

Ann Worboys, Kerry Frail, and Joan Woodford.


CONGRATULATIONS, we have our first Championship played and won this year, the final of the Club Triples.

The team consisted of Ann Worboys, Kerry Frail (who was an able substitute) for Robyne De Meio, who unfortunately was in quarantine, and skip Joan Woodford.

They played a great game against the team of Trish Welsh, Cheryl Jones and skip Barbara Johns, who were gallant in defeat, 31-17.

In winning, team Woodford winning back to back, Triple Championships, congratulations to all ladies for the great game watched by many spectators.

Tuesday 19 January Social Bowls:- J. Rodwell, J. Slater def P. Poulton, L. Loadsman 11-5; T. Treharne, L. Clancy, S. Stirling/I. Docker, S. Betts def M. Trengove, C. O’Dwyer, E. Kidd, L. McLeod 11-3; D. Futcher, J. Bolton, M. England, Y. Schmidt def T. Rhodes, B. Bodel, J. Kennedy, C. Garrett 11-8; J. Farrell, A. Orr, A. Wroe, K. Dunn drew with J. Farrell, K. Moody, C. Irvine, M. Gudgeon 9-9 all K. Dunn won on a toss, C. McVicar, P.Quinlan, A. Stone, C. Jones def R. McIntyre, A. Worboys, E. Blanton, P. Russell 8-7; C. Dodds, R. Crestani, K. Frail, C. Sheridan drew with R. Jupp, D. Hargreaves, J. Woodford, M. Monck 9-9 all. C. Sheridan won on the toss, and doing this, also won the Jackpot pool of over $340.

Talk about lucky losers

Friday Doubles played on Friday 21 January results as follows:- D. Doyle & C. Sheridan def S. Betts & S. Bailey 18-13; D. Nutchey- Robinson & M. Muscat def G. Staunton-Latimer & G. Chalmers 20-10; A. Stone & P. Russell def L. McLeod & A. Worboys 17-14; R. Oaley & V. Slater def D. Hargreaves & Y. Schmidt 37-7; W. Rendell, C. O’Dwyer, P. Flecher def M. Berube, C. Garrett, J. Phillips 19-9; G. Williamson & R. Lawe def C. Jones & C.E. Jones 14-12; S. Champbell & A. Hardcastle def J. Rodwell & M. Star 19-12; T. Monck & M. Monck def L. Clancy & J. Slater 22-10; K. Dunn and l.Loadsman drew 9 all with T. Rhodes & G. Duffey.

Making both teams winners and runners up in the money stakes.

Well done all.


By Christine IRVINE

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