Park Beach Women’s Bowling Club

Winner Debbie Doyle. Photo: Trish Welsh.

WEDNESDAY Social Bowls 11 May: M. Trengrove, A. Worboys, L. Loadsman def H. Illingsworth, J. Kennedy, E. Denner 24-10; C. Garrett, C. Venturi, E. Kidd, K. Cutmore def B. White, C. Treharne, M. Gudgeon, K. Dunn 34-6; C. Taylor, D. Allen, T.Rhodes/T. Welsh, L. McLeod def A. Sykes, D. Futcher, E. Blanton, B. Bodel 18-13; M. Phillips, C. Jones, B. Johns def C. Keogh, P. Garner, S. Betts 25-10; V. Maher, M. England, R. Jupp def P. Poulton, A. Orr, J. Bishop 23-5.

Final of Minor Singles today between Debbie Doyle and Kerry Blow, the game was exciting and the girls got into a good rhythm delivering bowl for bowl, shot for shot , and the ends were not over until the last bowl came to rest.

But alas only one winner, and the game went to Debbie Doyle, it was her back-to-back win, as she took out last year’s title as well.

But thanks to both Kerry and Debbie for a great game and sportsmanship.


By Christine IRVINE

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