Paterson Candidates Addressing Contamination Issues

Paterson Candidates Addressing Contamination Issues in Community Forum
Paterson Candidates Addressing Contamination Issues in Community Forum

SALT Ash Community First, Williamtown and Surrounds Action Group and Fullerton Cove Action Group held a Paterson candidates forum earlier this week.

The event was on Tuesday at 6.30pm at Hexham Bowling Club.

Each candidate was given 10 minutes each to speak about the Williamtown Contamination, draining, CSG and environmental issues.

There was no question time at the end of each speech.

Residents had the opportunity to mingle and ask questions with each candidate afterwards.

The MC for the evening was Mr Lindsay Clout, President of Fullerton Cove Action Group.

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Candidates made a presentation addressing what they intend to do about the contamination, if elected, areas of support for local families and their stance on the open coal seam gas licence and sand mining.

Julie Bailey, secretary of Salt Ash Community first told News of The Area, “All the local action groups, Williamtown and Surrounds, Fullerton Cove and Salt Ash Community First have worked tirelessly to put this together for the community to have the chance to hear what our Paterson Candidates are going to take to Canberra on behalf of their constituents.”




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