PBL Promotes Honesty and Leadership – This weeks winners announced

This week’s PBL winners.


HONESTY is the best policy, it’s an old saying but it is still true today.

The Positive Behaviour and Learning (PBL) programme promotes core values like honesty.

This week Alex Tomlinson of Medowie Public School demonstrated honesty and has been recognised for handing in a wallet which he found.

Simple shared values are the core of community, and the PBL programme helps to develop those core values in the youth of the nine schools which participate in the programme.

Whether it is being honest, helpful, supportive when another student is in need, PBL recognises students that live by the values of our community.

Every student nominated for PBL each week is considered a star.

Their actions have contributed to safety, trust and honesty, acting responsibly, and respect for success.

PBL is about children being encouraged to act for everyone, every time and everywhere they are.

Antwone Ryan of Irrawang High School was nominated this week for a PBL award – he was selected to represent the Newcastle Knights at the NRL Youth Summit, a true honour for Antwone and a unique opportunity for this young student to develop further as a leader.

The team at the NOTA congratulates all of the PBL nominees this week!




Alex Tomlinson was recognised for his honesty.

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