Penny Janes from Myall Coast shares a rewarding experience



Dear News Of The Area,

IN light of the negative comments in the media of late about Aged Care establishments and employees, I just wanted to share a positive with you.

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Over 2 years ago when I had to give up sport because of back issues, I soon discovered that I needed something else in my life, so decided to literally cross the road – from The Grange to Estia Health and speak to the staff, who were very helpful. I enquired about chatting to the residents, which I have to admit I am very good at – chatting that is.

I filled out the appropriate paperwork, and I was off – starting one afternoon a week quickly became 4 afternoons a week – the wonderful stories I have heard from the residents, their grateful smiles when I
visit and have a chat with them. The staff are wonderful but they haven’t always the time to sit and listen. I come home every afternoon with a smile on my face.

Estia have a little shop called “The hole in the wall” where Pat Burnett who is also a volunteer and I take turns twice a week selling chocolates and other goodies to the residents and every Friday we have a “Happy Hour” where we pour beers and wine and pass out nibblies. I decided to write this article as I find it such a rewarding experience and would love to encourage anyone in Tea Gardens who has some spare time to please consider volunteering.

Penny Janes
Myall Coast

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