Pokemon Go Taking the Area by Storm

Launched on 6 July, the app is now the biggest mobile game in US history.
Launched on 6 July, the app is now the biggest mobile game in US history.

HAVE you recently noticed your child start roaming the streets with their eyes glued to their smart phone screens?

It is very likely that they are playing the new Pokémon Go app.

Launching on 6 July, the app is now the biggest mobile game in US history.

The game is location based, with users catching Pokémon based on their physical gps whereabouts.

While children, teens and adults are found roaming and often seen running down streets to find desired Pokémon, the app has come with significant disadvantages.

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Police have warned users of the obvious effects of both trying to catch Pokémon while driving and walking along streets without paying attention to moving cars.

Drivers are having to show extra caution in especially built up areas, with daily complaints about people walking in front of cars while dedicated to their Pokémon hunt.

Built up shopping centres and attractions such as the Medowie shopping precinct, Woolworths and Pauls Corner are some of the bigger Pokémon catching areas.

Newcastle is a hive for Pokémon, already having hosted multiple ‘Pokémon Go Walks’.

This see’s users meet up in an allocated location often decided via Facebook and walk around in a large group searching for a hive of Pokémon.

The app tracks how far users have walked, with a lot of people finding the game is forcing them to get outside and exercise.

20-year-old Salt Ash resident, Dane Peet told News Of The Area, “During the Pokémon walk, around 2000 people showed up.”

“The night had to be meticulously planned due to safety reasons and the sheer amount of people.”

“People were separated into groups of 100, with two leaders at the front and back of every group wearing high visibility vests.”

“Because of the amount of road incidents involving the game, these safety measures were vital,” he said.

Parents are encouraged to either go with their children when searching for Pokémon or ensure they are paying enough attention to the road and their surrounds.

For older users, it is recommended that they find a designated Pokémon driver.

Australian residents caught Pokémon and driving have caught a $325 fine and lost 4 demerit points.





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