Police Legacy Program Backup For Life Supports Former and Retired Police Officers

Paul Hudson has been trained to offer support to former police officers.
Paul Hudson has been trained to offer support to former police officers.


The NSW Police Legacy program, Backup for life, was established to support police officers leaving the NSW Police Force to transition from police to civilian life.

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The program offers counselling, mentoring, workshops, and financial assistance.

Mr Paul Hudson is a retired Inspector of Police after almost 35 years of service.

Recently, he started volunteering with the Police Legacy Program, Backup for Life program in 2017, which is a program run as part of Police Legacy, because, “I see there is a need for someone to be there to offer assistance to retired and serving police who are experiencing post stress issues.”

“Needs to be someone to offer assistance and give advice.”

“Help people to transition from police life back into community life.”

“As a retired police officer myself, I have empathy with the emotions and feelings they may be feeling while in the Police Force.”

The Backup for Life program requires volunteers to undergo professional training in mental health, including dealing with and recognising mental health issues, and lending support to those in need.

In delivering the free program Paul said, “We work in close liaison with others such as Police Chaplaincy and the Police Association so we can direct people to other services too when needed.”

Appointed as a Mentor for the entire Port Stephens/Hunter Police District, Paul said, “If there are any retired police or police close to retirement and they or their families feel they need assistance in transitioning from police service to community life, then I would be pleased to hear from them.”

“Reassurance you can get from family—and this included police family—is vital in assisting people in their recovery from any stress-related problems.”

Paul and his wife Marie have lived in Medowie for 15 years.

Since moving to the area, they quickly became part of the community and are well known to locals and newcomers alike.

Paul has extensive experience in helping the community and, amongst other roles, is a Licenced Lay Minister for the Anglican Church, is involved in Pastoral Care, and is a Supervisor of those performing Community Service Orders.

Many young children will know Paul as “Mr Music” and he is proud to get a call out when he is shopping in Medowie due to his involvement in the children’s ministry, Mainly Music.

Those in need of support, or even just someone to talk to, can contact Paul on: 0423 720 062 or [email protected]


By Heather SHARP

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