Port Local Gabs McMann Saves For Australian Cancer Research Foundation

Gabs McMann celebrating her fundraising achievement post shave. Photo by Marian Sampson.


BEING brave, Gabs McMann, has shaved her head to raise money for cancer research.

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Gabs is one of five girls and she was motivated to shave her head to raise money after a second sister was diagnosed with breast cancer.

One sisters has come through treatment the other was diagnosed in January this year.

Gabs McMann told News Of The Area, “I’ve known too many people who have been diagnosed with cancer.”

On hearing of her second sister’s diagnosis, she questioned “What can I do?”

“I saw an advertisement for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation and I thought I can raise money for that.”

This was something that Gabs could do that would help to make a difference.

“I have raised $2042 so far and I am still taking donations,” she said.

You can support Gabs in her effort to raise money for cancer research by visiting the Australian Cancer Research Foundation page and search her name, or visit her facebook page “fitbunsandcore”and make a donation.

The Foundation supports research into all different forms of cancer.

Gabs isn’t too enamored in her new look but is proud to have smashed her original fundraising goal and is hoping to see the tally grow even further.



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