Port Stephens Cartoonist John Ballantyne put pen to paper for Nelson Bay high rises



Dear News Of The Area,

I’m writing because I am a bit incensed about the piece in Bay News of the Area 121 December 2017 reporting on the council’s release of the “endorsed strategy”.

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I have come to realise that this council still has some massive integrity problems which most people thought would have disappeared after the recent election.

Your piece in 21 December edition seems to present the impression that the general population is enthusiastic about increased building heights in Nelson Bay.

This is the absolute opposite of the truth.

As you know, I let off steam via my pencil and I’ve developed a full head of steam in the past few months over this issue.

John Ballantyne
Nelson Bay

One thought on “Port Stephens Cartoonist John Ballantyne put pen to paper for Nelson Bay high rises

  1. I can only conclude that support for high rise in Nelson Bay can only come from people who don’t live or visit Nelson Bay during holiday times.
    It must be obvious from the last few weeks that improved infrastructure is needed before any more visitors are attracted.
    Maybe our councillors are early risers that do everything before 8am …ie .Go for a coffee,use a boat ramp ( just chaotic) , avoid colliding with a jet ski, park in Shoal Bay or Nelson Bay or Fingal Bay and get back into Shoal Bay.
    What’s the point of having good new restaurants at Shoal Bay and Fingal if you can’t find a park.
    However, I do think the traffic lights a Shoal Bay are an improvement, well done PSC.
    Thanks Richard Ware

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