Port Stephens Council and The Port Stephens Real Futures Foundation hold Group Assessment Interview Workshops

Council’s Brooke Tisdell with Tomaree High School student participants at the group assessment workshops.
Council’s Brooke Tisdell with Tomaree High School student participants at the group assessment workshops.


PORT Stephens Council’s Human Resources Department partnered with the Real Futures Foundation are to run a pilot program in Group Assessments this week.

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Group Assessments and working in teams are becoming the norm when applying for jobs, particularly when there are many applicants.

The Council-run workshops included the Year 10 students pre-applying for a position online via the Council website and then participating in a group activity which is similar to the process Council uses when intaking new apprentices, cadets and trainees.

Council staff also gave students feedback and tips on how to improve their performance in Group Assessments, helping to make them more competitive in the job market.

Michelle Gilliver-Smith, Port Stephens Council Organisation Development Section Manager, told News Of The Area, “When faced with large groups of applicants, organisations use group assessments to assess applicants in a short period of time.”

Ms Gilliver-Smith believes that group assessments is the direction in which the recruitment industry is moving when there are large groups of applicants to consider.

The more prepared a young person is the more competitive they can be when applying for a role.

“Council is keen to work with the Real Futures Foundation into the future to offer this program across all Port Stephens Schools in the future, having the students interact in the assessment tasks with people that they don’t already know.

“Port Stephens Council work in partnership with the Real Futures Foundation to conduct workshops and careers days to assist the youth of Port Stephens to be job ready and competitive throughout the application process,” she said.

“Most Council trainees end up securing a role with Council as they turn into people that Port Stephens Council want to retain.”



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