Port Stephens Couple Launch a Book About Bottlenose Dolphins

Authors David Scott and Lesley Dutton. Photo by Angela Dutton.
Authors David Scott and Lesley Dutton. Photo by Angela Dutton.


THERE’S never been a doubt that the locals of Port Stephens are fans of our resident dolphins, and two of their biggest fans are about to launch their new factual book about bottlenose dolphins.

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Bottlenose dolphins are the playful residents of Port Stephens, the dolphin capital of Australia, and they live both here and in harbours around the world.

David Scott and Lesley Dutton of Medowie, have produced a book which shows the bottlenose dolphins as incredibly intelligent, playful and social mammals.

The authors are intimately involved with the dolphins of Port Stephens as the operators of Dolphin Swim Australia which enables people to join dolphins in the water, hearing, seeing and interacting with the pod as they cruise off the coast of Port Stephens.

The book ‘A Book About Dolphins, Things You Might Not Know’ features information about the bottlenose dolphins including their communication methods, sleep, and the joy that they take in surfing the waves, blowing bubbles and even their enjoyment of sex.

Co-Author David Scott told News Of The Area, “This book is generic and not specifically about the bottlenose dolphins of Port Stephens, but the behaviours of bottlenose dolphins anywhere in the world.”

David and Lesley are very proud of their first book, and that it is printed on recycled paper using environmentally friendly dies and printed by an Eco Friendly printer.

The book will be launched by Port Stephens MP Kate Washington at the Port Stephens Visitors Information Centre on 29 November at 2.30pm.



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