Port Stephens Indian Myna Action Group take charge

Hannah and Ava Ryder with the two cages their family own to trap Myna birds.
Hannah and Ava Ryder with the two cages their family own to trap Myna birds.


THE Indian or Common Myna is an introduced bird species that has unfortunately called many parts of Australia home.

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Port Stephens and its surrounding areas have certainly felt the brunt of this pest.

However, local residents are fighting back in the hope of bringing back the native birds and mammals that have been driven out by the Myna invasion.

The Port Stephens Indian Myna Action Group has declared war on the unwanted neighbour that many of us cringe at.

Medowie resident Carla Kleber created the group and has enlisted the help of some heavy hitting locals in her fight.

“We lived at our residence for seven years and never had any issues with Indian Myna’s until last year,” Ms Kleber told News Of The Area.

“Now, they’ve moved in in a big way.”

Ms Kleber has purchased two Myna Traps and has had some success catching eleven birds thus far, but as many residents would know, the tranquil peace and quiet doesn’t stay around for long.

“Native birds move back in when they’re gone but I’m sad to say this doesn’t last long as they move straight back in.”

Ms Kleber is not alone in the fight, but the cost of traps and the process of disposing of the birds is an obstacle for many people.

Well, it used to be.

The Raymond Terrace Men’s Shed has put their hand up and have pledged to make Myna traps for only $70 each.

A bargain considering many traps online sell for between $100 to $200 or more.

That helps with trapping the birds, but what about getting rid of them?

For those residents feeling squeamish about having to humanely dispose of the birds, there’s a local business offering a very generous solution.

Raymond Terrace Veterinary Clinic will not only euthanise the birds, but they are happy to do so free of charge.

So, if you have had enough of seeing Myna birds take over your backyard, fight back with the help of the Port Stephens Indian Myna Action Group and help our native wildlife flourish once again.


By Rachael VAUGHAN

One thought on “Port Stephens Indian Myna Action Group take charge

  1. Hi Hannah and Ava
    I bought a trap from the Men’s Shed and was trying to get our Mynah Bird population under control. They pood on my newly painted balcony and caused alot of strife with the native birds we did have here!
    II lent my trap to a neighbour and we were doing really well and then someone stole it from his front yard next door.
    I since put up owls with bells and now neighbours over the back are complaining about little tinkling bells – so might have to buy another one because these pests are a nightmare here. OMG we had jets over this arvo, a lawnmower and blower and trimmer bloke n they complain about bells less that birdsong we miss!!

    Love Vivien

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