Port Stephens Kindy Kids Ready for Big Start

: Practising their reading: Aubrey Miller reads while Jaxon Everill, Michael Kilday, Thomas Shorter, and Jack Lennox look on.
: Practising their reading: Aubrey Miller reads while Jaxon Everill, Michael Kilday, Thomas Shorter, and Jack Lennox look on.

IN a week’s time, the 2017 Kindergarten intake will get their first experience of “Big School”.

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For one group of children, this is an exciting adventure.

Catching up for a pre-Kindergarten playdate, this quintet of pre-schoolers feel ready to take the next big step in their young lives: heading off the school.

The group will be attending either Wirreanda Public School or St Peter’s at Stockton and are confident that it will be a fun adventure.

All the children were asked how they felt about going to Kindergarten and what they think they will do at school.

Jaxon Everill told Medowie News Of The Area, “I’m excited to play and learn.”

Thomas Shorter said, “I am very happy to do sports, star jumps and push ups.”

Aubrey Miller, the only girl in the group, said, “I am looking forward to reading books and going to the library; it’s going to be a great!”

Jack Lennox said simply that it would be “Good.”

Michael Kilday, who has fond memories of his Orientation Days said, “I want to go to the Canteen and do music, and wait at the pencil lines at the end of the day.”

Jaxon’s big sister, Jade, when asked if she was looking forward to her big brother attending school with her, said, “No! At afterschool care, he’s going to annoy me!”

The parents of the children are watching closely as their children meet their next milestone.

Ms Airlie Coleman, Jaxon’s Mum, told Medowie News Of The Area, “He’s my second child, so I’m a bit more relaxed compared to the first one.”

Mrs Jenny Miller, pre-school teacher and Mum to Aubrey, said, “I’m excited for her but apprehensive at the same time; once they’ve gone to Big School they really are growing up.”

Mrs Colleen Lennox, Mum to Jack, added, “He’s excited and ready to go, but I’ll miss him; five days a week is a big change.”

Kindergarten teachers take note, you have a group of excited and super-energetic kids ready to start their schooling experience; good luck!


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