Port Stephens Residents Young and Old Are Collecting Rocks

Ava Lipari, Deb Smith and Izzy out looking for rocks at Bagnalls Beach. Photo by Marian Sampson.


PAINTED rocks are becoming an obsession during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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With many not going out and about as much as usual many are looking for different ways to share some love and find a little bit of joy.

Surprisingly painted rocks are popping up in the most unusual of places.

These beautiful treasures are tucked away in gardens, along bike and walking trails and around beaches.

Young and old alike are getting involved painting rocks and placing them for others to find.

Ava Lipari is one five year old who is collecting rocks and with her mother Deb Smith she is sharing her finds on the Port Stephens Rocks Facebook Page which has over 800 members.

Ava Lipari was at Bagnalls Beach when she told News Of The Area, “Everyday we come here and it’s like a bear hunt but instead we are looking for rocks.

“Someone might walk along the path and be a bit sad or grumpy but then they find a rock and they find our rock and go OHHH and be a bit happier,” she said.

Some of the rocks have been painted by children with families using the activities to fill in some of the extra time that they have on their hands.

Others are painstaking beautiful works of art.

Individuals go hunting for rocks with different themes or featuring specific animals.

Anyone can get involved, simply go for a walk and start collecting or paint some rocks and spread some joy.

Children like Ava are having a great time, looking for rocks every day in and around Port Stephens.




A rock waiting to be found. Photo by Marian Sampson.

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