Port Stephens Wildlife suffer in the Bush Fires

Multi-tasking feeding bottles to help these babies get strong enough to be released.
Multi-tasking feeding bottles to help these babies get strong enough to be released.


THE extreme fire conditions and intense weather has been hard on people, but it has been disastrous for our defenceless wildlife.

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WINC (Wildlife in Need of Care) has never had so many infant wildlife coming into care, and they’re running short on some things, and are hoping the community might be able to supply help out.

Lorraine Yudaeff, President of WINC told News Of The Area, “This season has been catastrophic for wildlife that cant defend themselves, and WINC is doing everything we can to help them.”

“We have put the call out to the community and hope that people can go through their cupboards and see what they’re able to help out with.”

“Anything is appreciated, so that we can continue to do the job that we do,” she said.

WINC are in desperate need of old sheets, pillowcases, towels or tea towels you haven’t needed or used for ages and need to cull down on.

Lorraine said, “We can immediately put them to very good use in providing snuggling places for baby animals.”

If you, or anyone you know can sew, WINC are also in need of a lot more pouches and liners, which are very easy to make, for small orphans.

WINC have the pattern for these, which they are more than happy to supply to anyone who is able to help.

There are a lot of very young animals in care who would be very grateful for anything you can do.

If you can help, or have any questions, please contact Lorraine at [email protected] or 49 283229.

WINC is of course always ready to help you with wildlife in distress, so please keep their details on file.

The helpline number is 1300 946295 (1300 WINCWL).


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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