The Proposed Nelson Bay Strategy Continues to be Contentious

Some of the TRRA Members on the Nelson Bay break wall. Photo by Marian Sampson.
Some of the TRRA Members on the Nelson Bay break wall. Photo by Marian Sampson.


THE contentious Nelson Bay Strategy dates for public exhibition have been moved.

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The strategy includes lifting the lid on building heights in the Nelson Bay CBD area.

The Tomaree Residents and Ratepayers Association (TRRA) had planned a public meeting to hear the concerns of the community on the issue of built heights and other matters in the strategy this meeting has been moved to 6 March to sit within the public exhibition period of the plan.

Geoff Washington President of the TRRA told News Of The Area, “TRRA members, new and old, will have the opportunity to learn more at these meetings, about the many issues which TRRA has been following over the last 4 months.”

This includes the good news on issues including the Mambo Wetlands Koala habitat plus further updates on the meetings with key staff and Councillors about the Nelson Bay Strategy, Greater Newcastle Plan and several local Development Applications.

“TRRA offers an excellent way for the combined communities of Tomaree Peninsula to keep well informed on many issues which potentially in the future may impact on their lives,” he said.

While Leah Anderson of the Tomaree Business Chamber stated, “The board of Tomaree Business Chamber has scheduled a special strategic planning meeting for early February 2018.

The Chamber’s response to various aspects of the Nelson Bay Draft Strategy, including building heights, will be an important part of that meeting,” she said.

Earlier this month Mayor Ryan Palmer told News Of The Area, “This is an overarching plan and there are very strong indications as to what the business community wants, including issues such as streetscaping, public domains, and the possible provision of WIFI within the township.”

He believes that there will be changes along way, with 30 key recommendations in the plan including built heights,
with will be plenty of opportunities for the community comment on the plan being provided by Council.

“The plan is about setting the conditions for the right framework for Nelson Bay to create jobs and a sustainable township,” he said.



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