Public opinion on Mid Coast Council (MCC) Delivery and Operational Plan



Dear News Of The Area,

IT is very appreciative of Mid Coast Council (MCC) inviting comment on their 2018-2019 Delivery and Operational Plan, together with an outline of the Budget and Fees / Charges Structure.

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We have been asked to comment on a 405-page document on what is in store for us, the ratepayer.

An impossible task, but,we will just have to put our faith in MCC, just like we did last year, when somebody arranged with somebody to have the Act changed, that allowed MCC ONLY, to increase our rates by a cumulative amount of 27% over the next 4 years. All other Merged Councils were DENIED any increase for 4 years.

I will be paying $3200 in 4 years together with Mid Coast Water rate increases, makes it almost , an outrageous $5000 for both in 4 years.

Well, it has been over a year now that this so called amalgamation of 3 Councils took place and what have we got?

We have MCC containing 3 Councils ,Great Lakes,Taree and Gloucester.

We have 3 lots of administration, 3 lots of equipment, 3 lots of depots and 3 offices,sorry, I forgot, it is now 4 offices, since the purchase of the Taree Master’s building.We pay 3 different rate structures and operate virtually under 3 different organisations. Some amalgamation!

In an area, strongly represented by a number of pensioners and self funded retirees, on fixed incomes, the extravagance displayed by MCC cannot be ignored. Obviously ,the amalgamation should not have gone ahead.

John Alterator,
Hawks Nest

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