Published letter raises very important issues

Bob Macklinshaws letter
Bob Macklinshaws letter

Dear News Of The Area,

I HAVE just read Bob Macklinshaws letter published Thursday June 9, he raises some very important issues that we all should consider.

Our politicians disgusting snub to our Vietnam soldiers finally returning home, only emphasises their contempt for our country and our way of life.

Another issue is the crazy size of our public service.

We are a small nation but consider this, (based on 2014 figures from both the Australian and US governments, not including military personnel)

Australia 23,500,000 population, with 1,898,800 public servants

USA 317,000,000 population with 6,900,000 public servants.

If we do the maths Australia had 1 public servant for every 12.37 citizens while USA had 1 public servant for every 45.94 citizens, or in other terms 8.1% of the Australian population were public servants while only 2.18% of US citizens were public servants.

Does that mean that our public servants are less efficient than theirs or is our public service another example of Government incompetence and waste of taxpayer money?

I’ll let you decide, I have my own answer.


Greg Mutton


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