Put your seatbelt on…we’re leaving the airport, we may hit some turbulent potholes

Paul Mech, a local taxi driver and founder of the Coffs Cabbie Correspondent Facebook Group.


POTHOLES in and around the Coffs Coast have fired up frustration within the community.

It’s not so much the potholes themselves, it’s what the Council is perceived to be doing about smoothing over the issue.

One point of local embarrassment is Coffs Harbour Airport exit road.

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Not the main driveway – it’s the road that taxis are required to take from the taxi rank (Fellowship Drive) which connects with the smartened-up Airport Drive.

Paul Mech, a local taxi driver and founder of the Coffs Cabbie Correspondent Facebook Group told News Of The Area, “The airport exit road has definitely got better but it’s only a short-term solution.

“Customers had commented on the state of the road after the rain.

“I joked that it was ‘off roading near to town’, but the unfunny side is that we’re in vehicles that are not equipped for it, ie, my cab.

“What they (Council) need to do is rip it up and reseal it to look respectable, to a certain standard and to be pothole resistant.

“We need to create a good impression for tourists coming to the city.

“Our regulars are used to it but with the new direct flights into Coffs the region is attracting new tourists and we need to create a better impression than this,” Mr Mech said.

Mick Raby, Director Sustainable Infrastructure, Coffs Harbour City Council has spoken publicly, including on Triple M’s Moffee for breakfast radio show, apologizing for the state of the region’s roads immediately after the lengthy downpours.

He said CHCC would fill in the potholes for a quick fix to be safer but that with the extended period of wet weather the water tables across the Local Government Area (LGA) had risen significantly, resulting in the base course under the asphalt being soaked and thus significantly weakened.

“It’s not really a surface issue.

“It’s what’s happening underneath,” said Mr Raby.

“That’s why it will take a while to fix up permanently and we need to be patient.

“Drive safely, to the conditions,” he said.




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