Raising funds for the Autism Awareness Association

CITY2SURF Jodie Genner and Belinda Hitchcock, AAA runners (left) CITY2SURF AAA runners
CITY2SURF Jodie Genner and Belinda Hitchcock, AAA runners (left) CITY2SURF AAA runners


IT was a weekend of firsts for Tea Gardens mother of two, Jodie Genner.

The 36 year old Real Estate manager competed in her first City2Surf in Sydney, tackling heartbreak hill to raise funds for the Autism Awareness Association.

“When I read that the race was 14 kilometres, I was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t make it,” Jodie told the News Of The Area.

“But you’d be surprised how far you can walk in day. ’’

“My Fitbit was a great way to keep track, the other day I did 14.4 kilometres just by doing the housework and going for a jog on my treadmill.”

Jodie became involved with the Autism Awareness Association (AAA) when her best friend’s son was diagnosed with the condition.

A couple of years ago I dyed my hair blue and raised $1,200 for the organisation,” she said.

The reward at the end of Sunday’s marathon, was more than $800 donated on Jodie’s behalf  and a celebratory lunch in Bondi.

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Money raised by Jodie and the other 17 AAA runners will help fund the Association’s “Surfers Healing Australia,” program.

The project gives children with autism and their families a fun, free day at the beach.

But AAA says it goes much deeper than that.

“The beach and day of surfing, empowers families to believe their kids “can.”

By reaching its target of $35,000  the Autism Awareness Association can deliver the ‘beach’ program to over 600 Australians on the autism spectrum.

For more information about Autism or to make a donation go to autismawareness.com.au or phone: 1300 900 681.




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