Raymond Terrace Domestic Violence Up by 59.6% due to COVID-19

The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research have released their latest statistics.


THERE has been an alarming increase in reports of domestic violence throughout the community during COVID-19.

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However, Raymond Terrace is a town that has been hit harder than most.

The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research has revealed domestic assaults in Raymond Terrace are up 59.6 per cent to June this year, when compared to the same period last year.

That leaves the township with a domestic violence rate of 1,092 assaults per 100,000 people, nearly three times the state average.

Ann Fletcher of Port Stephens Family and Neighbourhood Services told News Of The Area, “For anyone that believes they are in danger they must contact the police.”

She says it is important for those experiencing domestic violence to reach out for assistance.

“If someone is looking to leave a domestic violence situation there is help available locally, you can call Port Stephens Family and Neighbourhood Services on 4987 1331 during business hours or call 1800 737 732.”

You can also visit www.dss.gov.au/women/help-is-here-campaign and there is a quick escape button on the site if you feel that you need to exit the screen fast.

“For some they wonder if what they are experiencing is domestic violence or not, bullying, isolating, and emotional and mental abuse are all recognised as domestic violence by law.

“Some women find a reason to stay but staying for the children is often not the best reason.

“If you are staying because he is a good dad you need to remember that good dads don’t do things like that to the mother of their children – we all need to be respectful of each other,” said Ms Fletcher.

Port Stephens Family and Neighbourhood Services support people living with domestic violence and do what needs to be done to get people out of bad situations.

If you need help, call for help today, don’t wait.



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