Raymond Terrace Lions offer gift wrapping service at MarketPlace Raymond Terrace

Martina Lyon wrapping a gift for Maurene Miles.
Martina Lyon wrapping a gift for Maurene Miles.


CHRISTMAS, for many of us, is a time for showing family and friends how much you love them.

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Part of this involves giving your loved ones a beautifully wrapped Christmas present.

Unfortunately, that isn’t a job a lot of us look forward to nor are very good at.

So, for those of us who end up using more sticky tape than paper, we have the answer.

For those who just can’t get those corners folded neatly despite how hard we try, there is hope.

And for those who think the invention of the gift bag is the greatest saving grace of all time, we have a much cheaper alternative, that also supports charity work.

The Raymond Terrace Lions Club, with the support of MarketPlace Raymond Terrace, will wrap just about anything (size limits apply) for a gold coin donation until Christmas Eve.

From the hours of 10am to 2pm (10am to 7pm on Thursday) the Lions Club volunteers will give your gifts that extra special touch, and because the small fee is going to a quality charity, you’ll feel good about it too.

The Lions Club are synonymous with community fundraising for special causes including the development and building of local parks, community facilities and sporting centres.

They also have a proud history of being there when it matters, especially during natural disasters and other emergencies as well as much needed medical research.

For example, Lions were involved in the development of the bionic ear and the cervical cancer vaccine, Gardisil.

Both advances have changed, and will change, many lives both here and abroad.

So if you have a gift that needs wrapping, just look for the helpful group of people near Wendy’s in MarketPlace Raymond Terrace.

Ruby Porter, a volunteer at the stall this week, told News Of The Area, “For just a couple of dollars, you will receive a beautifully wrapped gift, as well as help Lions to make a difference in the community.”


By Rachael VAUGHAN


Gift wrapping volunteers, Martina Lyon, Ruby Porter and Ellen Gordon.
Gift wrapping volunteers, Martina Lyon, Ruby Porter and Ellen Gordon.

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