Real Estate Advice by Denise Haynes



Confused about the expectations around presentation and the sales process?

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The 3 common beliefs below can lead to frustration for the seller, prospective buyers, and the agent:

1. I love my home style and everyone else will too!

We all have our own unique home style, however the more outlandish your taste, the less attractive your property could be to buyers, who may be mentally calculating the cost to replace decor . When it comes to selling your property, the more neutral your colour scheme, the better.

2. This property is a home, not a show-piece!

It is difficult when you have a family to keep a home “viewing ready” at all times, but presentation is very important. Mess or uncleanliness can quickly turn buyers off.

3. I promise I’ll clean-up & remove all junk lying around the yard after the property is SOLD.

Most buyers can’t see past rubbish lying around & they will see it as their potential problem. They are considering what happens if you don’t take it with you? You don’t want buyers lasting memory of your property to be the items they may have to remove upon arrival.

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