Red Cross Says Prepare for Disasters Now


RED Cross, in response to their 2020 survey on Emergency Preparedness, is urging locals to prepare for more bushfires, floods as well as COVID19 outbreaks and lockdowns.

Mid North Coast Regional Emergency Services Office – Recovery & Preparedness, Eleanor Harris, is encouraging locals to get their houses in order for emergencies.

“People here have been through the fires and we have some preparedness around that, but we get in a conundrum because if it hasn’t happened for a while, we don’t have that prompt,” she said.

“We have seen that anything can happen and if things come into short supply and you had to stay at home for quite a while you can be prepared.

“People can use our emergency ready plan which is an all hazards resource for fires, floods, accidents at homes and pandemics,” said Ms Harris.

“Red Cross wants to assure people that preparing for another virus outbreak and indeed any other weather-related or manmade crisis later this year is possible,” said Red Cross National Resilience Adviser John Richardson
“It’s something well within our control, and it will help us recover better in the long term.

“Our 2020 survey reveals the great majority are aware of increasing weather-related crises, but only around two in five (35%) are taking active steps to prepare for the next fire season,” he added.

“In a true sign of community spirit, Australians will give the shirt off their own back for one another, with strong levels of community trust, with around six in 10 (58%) believing the community will come together to help in a crisis.”

Strong community spirit is vital, but after the local experience of the fires, Ms Harris knows the shortfall in resources firsthand.

“We were so stretched last time that people need to make some decisions around what you will do as a household that doesn’t rely on external help as that is not always possible.”

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By Sandra MOON

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