Rent With Pets aims to reduce animals surrendered due to lack of rentals

Jo and her husband Neal on the farm with their dogs. Photo: Claudia Gabriel Lim.


RENT With Pets is a program run by Companion Animal Network Australia, set to change the ‘status paw’ on rental laws to allow more renters to experience the joy of the human-animal bond whilst also preventing bellowed pets from becoming homeless.

Jo Lyons is a professional animal photographer from Bulahdelah who is also a pet-friendly landlord to a two-bedroom cottage in Sydney.

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Jo believes strongly in the essential nature of having an animal as a companion and is involved in the program.

“I’m the official photographer for the Companion Animal Rescue Wards and so when I was approached to do a Q&A for the Rent With Pets program about it I was more than happy to share my experience.

“Having volunteered in animal shelters for eight years, I saw a lot of animals surrendered because the people had either left it too late or just had zero options with pet-friendly places, and it broke my heart,” Jo told News Of The Area.

With four dogs, as well as chickens and ducks herself, Jo hopes that other landlords begin to create more opportunities for pet-friendly rentals.

“It’s time we upped our game with providing more opportunities for pet-friendly rentals and less hoops to jump through.

“Some of my advice to landlords is to ensure your home is pet-friendly by providing secure fencing and gates for peace of mind.

“Our property is triple gated on one side and double gated on the other, all with lockable gates.

“We also have timber floorboards and want pets to be able to live inside and be part of the family,” Jo said.

Rent With Pets aims to provide a place where pet owners and landlords can find tips and advice that prepare them for successful and long-lasting rental experiences.

With information and advice for tenants, pet owner checklists and ‘pet resume’ support, Rent With Pets utilises stories like Jo’s to ensure that no animals have to be surrendered due to lack of pet-friendly places.

“We wouldn’t have thought of any other way to rent it out other than pet-friendly, and I just wish there were more animal friendly rentals,” Jo said.




Jo and Neal’s dogs are a part of their family, and they hope for everyone to have the same joy. Photo: Jo Lyons Photography.

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