Report local rare bird sightings on Birdline New South Wales

A Diamond Dove, one such rare sighting in Bellingen recently.


BIRDLINE NSW is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Richard Jordan, Organiser for Bellingen Birders club, said, “This is the place to report unusual bird sightings: rare birds, unusually large flocks etc.

“The great thing is that these entries go into the BirdLife Birdata database as a permanent record.”

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Among recent entries is fellow Bellingen Birder, John Gale’s record of a Diamond Dove near Bellingen.

The club recently held a campout at Kwiambal National Park where members recorded some unusual sightings.

With a burgeoning club of binocular-clad enthusiasts, sightings of unusual birds are not rare.

Richard notes a report, at the end of April, of an Australasian Bittern at Bellinger Keys on the outskirts of Urunga.
“This is an endangered bird species, and I know of no recent records for our area.

Another pleasing sighting was, “A Diamond Dove feeding with Peaceful Doves on North Bank Road near Bellingen.

“The bird was spotted by Bellingen Birder member John Gale on Saturday 24 April and seen again by John, Sally Biffin and myself on Monday 26 April,” said Richard.

The nearest records for a Diamond Dove on Birdata are for birds near Tamworth and Glen Innes.

“This is normally a bird of the inland, which has somehow wandered our way.”

Richard urges birders that if they do see an unusual bird to report it on Birdline NSW.

“Please get a photo if you can, even if it is poor.

“This is the time of the year when young birds often roam far and wide.”



3 thoughts on “Report local rare bird sightings on Birdline New South Wales

  1. At 22:30 while taking my dog outside I as usual scan the surrounding neighbourhood trees for possums, which are in large numbers here; when I saw a very large bird roosting in a large gum. It look down at me and had the unmistakable head and large body of a Powerful Owl. I went and had my wife come outside to verify the sighting and she agreed that it’s huge size and features identified it as a beautiful specimen of a Powerful Owl

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