Reporter in the spotlight: Tamara McWilliam

Local author and reporter Tamara McWilliam.


IN May of 2021, Macksville’s Tamara McWilliam took on the latest challenge in her writing career, signing on as a reporter for the inaugural editions of Nambucca Valley News Of The Area.

However, Tamara started her writing career with a detox book.

“It seemed like the natural thing to do at the time,” she said.

“Being a Naturopath I felt that was the area I should be writing in.”

Half way through the Detox book she stopped, finding it too similar to work, realising she needed an outlet in order to unwind from the day to day grind of being a Naturopath and business owner.

In a bold move she started writing a contemporary romance and suspense novel that had nothing to do with natural medicine.

Within a period of eighteen months Tamara had written and self-published a five book collection called ‘The Willow Tree Series’.

“I found it relaxing, I would go to bed at night when everyone in my family was asleep and start typing away,” she said.

Following that Tamara wrote a novel based on a true story about a local couple in the area called ‘Beneath the Snow of Gnojnik.’

This novel was published by an English publishing company and successfully sold throughout Europe.

It didn’t stop there, she went on to write another three-book series called ‘The Mosconi series’ and recently published the sixth book in the ‘Willow Tree Series’.

When asked what sort of books she would describe hers to be she replied, “I tend to class myself as a gritty author.

“Throughout my writing journey I have failed to conform to the classical means of being an author.

“I write in the first person and tend to be more realistically gritty and true to life in my writing.

“I never sugar coat anything.

“I love to explore issues that cross many boundaries.”

Tamara has attended numerous library events, radio interviews, book launches, author panels, guest speaker at seminars and book signings over the years.

She had the privilege of attending Fictionally Yours, Melbourne in 2019, an international book signing.

“It was amazing,” she said.

“To be surrounded by so many other amazing authors from all around the world was a little surreal at the time.

“It was an experience I will forever cherish.”

Tamara holds seminars for aspiring authors teaching the ins and outs of self-publishing and marketing through her Author networking group ‘Verbis Connect with Authors’.

When asked what was next in line for her, she said, “I am currently writing another based on a true story, it is about a wonderful local man, I am so excited to be bringing his journey to life.”

And advice for aspiring authors?

“Never give up, no matter how deflated you feel, never give up.”

You can purchase any of Tamara’s books through Amazon and Kobo or a print copy through her website or in store at Elk on 38 Macksville.

You can follow her writing journey on Facebook and Instagram.

News Of The Area will feature more local reporters in coming editions.

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