Rescue groups answers the call for help for Raymond Terrace’s pond on Newline Road

Maigen McDowell, Justine Mutton, Jacob Bullock and Carmel Jones.
Maigen McDowell, Justine Mutton, Jacob Bullock and Carmel Jones.


OUR feathered friends at the Newline Road ponds have a list of volunteers to be grateful for, after their recent plight was noticed, and the community rallied around them.

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The ‘Feather and Fur Small Animal Rescue’ group were at the centre of the rescue efforts to help the birds suffering from the algae outbreak caused by intense weather conditions at the pond that threatened their lives.

This wonderful not for profit group put out a call to arms when they became aware of the situation, calling on anyone from the community willing to help them make a difference.

Justine Mutton, from Feather and Fur, told News Of The Area, “We were blown away by the overwhelming support from the local community.”

“We received numerous offers of assistance, which included donation of feed, pickup and delivery of donated feeds and consumable items, donations of shell pools and an ICB water storage container, and cash donations for the replacement of hydration supplements.”

“Even the the active sharing of our Facebook updates helped to raise awareness,” she said.

Justine added, “The way everybody came together to help really shows how important this area is to the local community.”

The volunteers spent many hours day and night, monitoring the health of the area’s inhabitants.

They provided clean drinking water stations throughout the area and daily feeds containing hydration supplements, in order to reduce the amount of infected water consumed.

They also recorded the deaths on-site, provided on-site medical treatment, and transported compromised animals into care.

The founder of the rescue group, Jacob Bullock, realised after volunteering consecutive years for the Native Animal Trust that there was a need for a targeted rescue service that was dedicated to domestic and exotic avian and small animal species, as these animals were generally overlooked by other services.

Jacob told News Of The Area, “Currently our rescue operations and in-house care and rehabilitation are funded solely by our volunteers and donations of supplies from the public, so this environmental event was made so much easier by all the volunteers and donations we had.”

News Of The Area is looking forward to following up with the rescue group and their passionate plans to campaign for a permanent solution for the normally picturesque Newline Road pond.


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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