Residents call for action with ongoing Stockton Beach management


RESIDENTS in Stockton have been concerned about the ongoing erosion issues for the beach.

As the Newcastle City Council continues to review their Coastal Management Plans, residents are advocating stronger than ever for long-term solutions to maintain the beach.

One resident from Stockton recently took matters into his own hands, reaching out to State Member for Newcastle, Tim Crakanthorp.

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“As the sitting member for Newcastle in the NSW Parliament can you please advise the Stockton Community and Newcastle ratepayers of what funds have been allocated by the NSW Government in the Budget 22/06/2021 to Newcastle City Council to enable the implementation of its Coastal Management Plan relevant to the preservation and maintaining of community land foreshore at Stockton Beach.

“Can you also provide information on any funding allocated for 1. the continuance of construction of the rock seawall from Stockton Breakwater to the Hunter District Water Board Land boundary contiguous to Corroba Reserve north Stockton; 2. the building of appropriate wave diffraction and energy dispersal structures; 3. the replenishment of sand to Stockton beach,” he wrote.

Other commenters took to the comments, expressing praise for reaching out, looking forward to receiving a response.

Since the formation of the Coastal Management Plan in 2020, Newcastle Council has installed rock bags and have continued to monitor the beach, recently being approved for an offshore exploration license to allow exploration work to begin.

This work will be carried out to collect and assess sand samples that may be suitable for sand transfer for the beach.

The Newcastle City Council states that “there will be further opportunities for the community to have their say on the Stockton CMP 2021 later in the year”.

From the previous survey, the top three reported issues for the Council to consider included: (the extent to which each scheme provides a buffer against coastal hazards; the impact to beach amenity, the foreshore and recreational opportunities; and impact on the coastal environment.



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