Residents create e-petition for Sanderling Avenue Development to be debated in Parliament

QR Code for Sanderling Avenue Development petition in the NSW Legislative Assembly.


THE Hawks Nest Development Facebook Group are calling for members of the public to sign an e-petition calling for the reversal of a contentious decision to rezone beachside land on Sanderling Avenue, Hawks Nest.

Kathy Poldmaa, administrator of the group, told News Of The Area that NSW must take action if they want the development to be heard in Parliament.

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“We need 20,000 signatures for it to be heard in Parliament and currently have only 3281.

“Our next steps follow legal advice that we have received for 1 Sanderling Avenue rezoning.

“As well as the petition, we also need to send a message to the NSW Parliament and Government,” Ms Poldmaa said.

“The e-petition to the NSW Parliament asks the Planning Minister to use his powers to change the zoning back to Public recreation.

“The Planning Department does not have the power to alter the rezoning but the Minister has the power to direct a Council to alter a zoning,” she said.

If more than 20,000 signatures are obtained on the petition, it must be debated in Parliament but Kathy welcomes even more.

“If we get a whole lot more, the better it is,” Kathy said.

Any resident of NSW can sign this petition to the Parliament.

The Hawks Nest Development Group was formed by Kathy Poldmaa to keep locals informed on what is happening in the area.

“I started the Facebook group to make people aware of what is going on locally in terms of developments and to make people’s lives easier to lodge their submissions and what not, because the Council submissions website is a nightmare,” Kathy said.

“We are fighting the good fight here, I am not about having oversized developments in our beautiful town.

“I am here to help the community with that sort of stuff,” said Kathy.

For those wishing to sign the petition, scan the QR code, or follow the link



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