Residents of Peter Sinclair Gardens Hawks Nest get a visit from therapy horse Wellington

Colin Mitchell with Wellington.


ON Monday 29 June the residents of Peter Sinclair Gardens aged care home in Hawks Nest had a very special visitor.

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Karen Markham and Debora Smith, the aged care home recreational officers organised a visit from a five-year-old therapy Clydesdale horse named Wellington.

Wellington, who belongs to the owners of W and C Events, was scheduled to visit in March but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result, Wellington’s much anticipated arrival was greeted with happiness and excitement by all residents.

They spent the day being treated to cart rides and some even dared to climb on top and sit on the giant horse.

Ms Smith explained the motivation behind the idea of having Wellington come to visit, “The residents have former connections with draft horses.”

“They grew up with them doing farm work.”

“Noel, one of our residents was a baker who used a draft horse cart as a bakery cart.”

Jayden Beesley the owner of Wellington and W and C events said, “The Clydesdales are particularly important for the older generation because they used them on their farms and they drove them to school for example.”

Ms Markham explained why she believed Wellington was such a hit, “The horses really picks up on the feelings of the elderly.”

“The connection with the horse and the elderly people is amazing to watch.”

The Clydesdale visit was not only fun but had obvious benefits for the elderly residents of the home. Ms Markham observed, “A lot of the residents usually aren’t as animated as what they are today, usually they are very quiet.”

“They are just beside themselves.”

“Jan McDonald our one-hundred and two-year-old just couldn’t keep the smile off her face.”

Colin Mitchell, an eighty-four-year-old resident of the home told News Of The Area, “It couldn’t have been any better.”

“It makes me remember how my wife and I used to holiday at a ranch with horses.”

“We are very lucky.”


By Brooke LYNCH

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