Residents urge MidCoast Council to provide an adequate upgrade for Moira Parade Boat Ramp

Large potholes in the car park of the ramp.


FOR many years residents and tourists alike have voiced their concerns about ongoing issues at the Moira Parade boat ramp in Hawks Nest, urging MidCoast Council to provide the necessary funds to upgrade the ramp.

Recently, a small amount of development has begun to take place on the ramp and adjoining car park but many believe that this won’t be enough.

Local engineer Kurt Bowen commented on the urgent need of repairs in 2018 but it wasn’t until a recent confrontational letter to the Council that any action was taken.

Mr Bowen described ongoing damage to boats, trailers and cars due to the unsafe conditions.

“I know of one trailer that was completely destroyed on it, it got hooked up on the bottom of the ramp.

“Other boats have fallen off the end of the ramp and people have had to winch it out due to the fact that the ramp has fallen away,” Kurt said.

Residents and tourists are now avoiding the ramp due to their concerns, including large potholes and general safety, and are urging MidCoast Council to view how Port Stephens Council maintains and cares for their boat ramps.

“I know of people who have been hurt on the ramp and I, myself have cut my feet open on the ramp and I just wonder how injured someone is going to have to get before adequate action is taken on,” Kurt questioned.

The voices of concern are not only limited to an upgrade of the ramp, but many believe that there is not adequate parking or care to the car park, given the fact that Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest brings in a large amount of water-users.

“The money that comes into that town from tourism and the money that people are paying in rates seems to be not allocated to Tea Gardens very well.”

“My honest opinion is that it’s out of control and it needs to be replaced, and should have been replaced years ago,” Mr Bowen said.



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