Result of the golf competition

Myall Coast Vets on the swing
Myall Coast Vets on the swing


Myall Coast Vets


Stableford.  23/6/2016.

A Grade.

  1. Dennis Downie38
  2. Colin Bagnall 37 c/b
  3. Tony Ward 37 c/b
  4. Colin Amos  37 c/b
  5. Lyle Hudson37

B Grade.

  1. Bob Liubinskas 37
  2. Roger Humphreys36 c/b
  3. Eric O’Driscoll36 c/b
  4. John Reynolds 36
  5. Des Pagett 35 c/b

C Grade.

  1. Robert Long40
  2. Roger Sykes  37 c/b
  3. John Warne 37
  4. Craig Norman36 c/b
  5. John Bolden 36


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10th  A. Colin Bagnall

  1. Paul Phillips

C.Keith Beards

16th A. Joe James

  1. Bob Liubinskas
  2. Bruce Richards

Balls To. A. 31     B. 32 c/b  C. 32 c/b


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