Return and Earn not feasible the further you live from a collection point



Dear News Of The Area,

I LIVE in Hawks Nest which does not have a Return and Earn collection point, the closest is location in Medowie some 53km away.

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I have been encouraging my children to collect bottles as a form of pocket money however following my first experience I have come to the conclusion I cannot afford to travel the distance to collect the money which is rightfully mine.

Doing the sums my car uses 9.4ltr per 100km, given the return trip is 106km and fuel currently is $1.33ltr the cost to drive to Medowie and back cost around $12.50 (rounding down).

So looking that these figures we need to collect 125 bottles just to pay for the fuel.

125 bottles is just over 5 cartons of beers.

So by the time I place 5 cartons in my boot and the kids in the car there is very little room for much else. So off I go, exchange the 125 bottle and give the kids the money, I am now out of pocket $12.50, given I got the $12.50 back for the fuel used but I haven’t got the $12.50 back I paid in the first place. So I’m out of pocket $12.50. Where is the incentive to Return and Earn.

Thanks and God help the environment.

Stephen Watson
Hawks Nest

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