Review of growth areas and redevelopment in the MidCoast region


MIDCOAST Council has undertaken a review of growth areas and redevelopment opportunities in the MidCoast region, and is seeking feedback on a draft Settlement Expansion and Redevelopment Opportunities Analysis Report review document until Thursday 1 July, 2021.

“The MidCoast region is currently experiencing significant growth in all urban areas and the draft review has been undertaken to ensure Council is prepared and ready to act to support potential new housing and business opportunities in the MidCoast,” explained Council’s Director of Liveable Communities, Paul De Szell.

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The draft document consolidates previous strategies and regional plans to identify a logical, short-medium term view of expansion of the MidCoast region’s urban settlements and give the community certainty about what areas can potentially be rezoned and the timeframes for this to occur.

The document identifies a range of areas around the MidCoast where future expansion may happen, with the draft review document specifying a timeline for the expansion of these areas into short (one to five years), medium ( six-10 years) or long term (10+ years) priorities based on the rate of expected growth.

“There will be no immediate effect on landowners or the community.

“The review document provides a guide for Council, developers, landowners and the community to follow for the future expansion of growth areas in the MidCoast region, which will provide additional land supply to meet the significant demand that we are currently experiencing in our region,” Mr De Szell said.

“The draft document only impacts a small percentage of landowners in the MidCoast. “Throughout this process we have reviewed 47 previously identified urban growth areas across the region,” he explained.

“The review recommended that 37 of these areas be retained, with an additional three growth area opportunities identified.”

Mr De Szell said the three growth areas included a marina site at Tea Gardens.

“The review also indicates 10 previously identified growth areas are no longer supported due to several reasons, including environmental hazards.

“The outcome of the review document proposes 40 sites for future rezoning in the MidCoast region.”

It is important to note that the draft document does not rezone land, nor provide any approval for development.

The formal process to rezone land remains in place for landowners identified in the draft document and the community has an opportunity through that process to express its view on any proposed developments.

All landowners impacted by the draft review as outlined above will be individually contacted and provided with an opportunity to discuss the impact of the draft review document on their land.

To view the draft review document, supporting documents and provide your feedback, head to to have your say before 4:30pm Thursday 1 July 2021.

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