RFS Deputy Captain shares tips for a fire-safe season

Noel Quince, Captain of Pindimar/Tea Gardens Rural Fire Brigade.


DEPUTY Captain of Pindimar/Tea Gardens Rural Fire Brigade, Noel Quince, shared with News Of The Area some ‘hot tips’ to help locals prepare for this year’s bushfire season.

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“Our immediate area dodged a bullet last season,” Mr Quince said.

“We do have a significant amount of area that could potentially burn.”

“The Brigade has a number of burns already in the pipeline, but that’s of course dependent on weather conditions and availability of our members.”

Mr Quince advised that households should have an up-to-date bushfire survival plan that every member of the family is aware of.

“Don’t forget your animals,” he said.

“You need to know what to take and what to leave in the case of an emergency – don’t leave this to be decided on the day.”

Mr Quince also said that preparing your home is key to being fire-safe.

“Make sure to keep lawns and gardens maintained, clean out your gutters, and cut back overhanging branches” he said.

“You also need a hose that will reach all the way around the house.”

“Ember attacks are very prevalent in the case of a fire.”

It’s also helpful to have the ‘Fires Near Me’ app downloaded, and to ensure that a fire truck can easily and safely access your home, should the need arise.

Mr Quince continued that if your home is not defendable, prepare to leave early.

“Remember that property can be replaced – lives cannot,” he said.

“There will never be as many fire trucks as there are houses, so having locals be prepared goes a long way in helping us to do our job as best as possible.”

The Brigade will be holding a Get Ready For Bushfire event on Saturday 19 September from 8am to 1pm at Pindimar South Reserve.

Everyone is encouraged to drop in and discuss their fire-safe plans.



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