Rhys Fabris creates Aerosol Art around Port Stephens

Rhys Fabris with a completed artwork.
Rhys Fabris with a completed artwork.


RHYS Fabris of Boat Harbour has an incredible talent he is keen to share.

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His artistic flair has allowed him to create stunning street art both here and other local areas.

Rhys said, “I opted not to take formal training as I felt it would take me away from my vision as an artist.”

Whilst also working fulltime, Rhys finds time to engage himself and the community creating incredible artwork.

Rhys put a call out recently for potential interest in his craft, seeking blank walls of all sizes.

He said, “I am so excited about the response, I have been contacted by fellow artists wanting to collaborate, which creates an all-round win win situation and some local businesses with walls they would like me to decorate.”

First blank wall to benefit from Rhys’s amazing talent will be Salamander Bay bike shop, then Nelson Bay kindy.

Rhys is on the lookout for more blank walls, and not limiting to external walls, he is also available to create custom wall art in homes and offices.

Rhys told News Of The Area, “My aim is to create something that will brighten up someone’s day, hopefully cheer people up and change their perspective.”
“With a palette of paint soon to arrive, I’m keen to find opportunities to beautify the blank walls we see everywhere.”

Rhys has also had commissioned work for canvas art, sign-writing and thrives on bringing a vision to reality.

Aerosol art is not just about spraying a can of paint on a wall, and it is during his lessons, that Rhys, has his students reflect upon what is art, reflect upon their creation, encourages students to express feelings, the lesson then progresses to different nozzles and styles of aerosols.


By Mandy ELLIS

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