Road works by Great Lakes Council commence at Marine Drive Tea Gardens

WORK has commenced to reconstruct Marine Drive along the Tea Gardens foreshore.Council work Tea Gardens

“The works are being undertaken along Marine Drive between Ogden Street and Maxwell Street, linking with upgrade works undertaken in 2011,” said Council’s Director of Engineering, Mr Ron Hartley.

“Further works are planned for east of Maxwell Street during 2015,” said Mr Hartley.

The roadworks involve replacing kerb and gutter, upgrading drainage and reconstructing the road pavement.

The new road pavement will be finished with an asphalt surfacing.

“A raised intersection incorporating coloured street printing at the junction of Maxwell Street with Marine Drive will also be constructed, similar to that previously built at the intersection of Ogden Street and Marine Drive,” said Council’s Operations Manager, Mr Robert Fish.

“The works will better formalise parking and improve the amenity of the area along the Tea Gardens waterfront,” said Mr Hartley.

Works are being staged so as to limit disruption given the nature of the works and the business district location.

“Where possible the impact on parking will be limited and pedestrian access will be available to businesses,” said Mr Fish.

“The works are being undertaken under Council’s Urban Road Construction Program as part of the ongoing commitment to upgrade Marine Drive along the Tea Gardens waterfront,” said Mr Hartley.
“Including the current and 2015 reconstruction works, Council has allocated in excess of $1.6 million to Marine Drive,” said Mr Hartley.

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