Rob Gam joins Rodger Pryce’s ‘Together We’ll Fix It’ Coffs Harbour Council Election team

Rob Gam, from Coffs’ long-standing Gam family, standing for council election with Team Together We’ll Fix it


ROB Gam, of the long-standing Coffs business Gam family, is the latest candidate to join Rodger Pryce’s ‘Together We’ll Fix It’ team for the upcoming Coffs Harbour City Council election.

“Since having my international wings ‘clipped’ by COVID, and being grounded back home in Coffs constantly for the last 18 months, I have had the chance to spend quality time with family and friends, and to a greater extent the wider community through recent work in hospitality,” Rob told News Of The Area.

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“Coffs is on the brink of booming again, as it did in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and needs positive direction, and appreciation of its history to expand effectively, fairly and honestly.

“In a major airline, we learn from the accidents of the past and success stories, to enhance our own experience so that we are able to deal with any threats that may arise, and safely navigate to destination.”

“In conversations with my father (retailer to commercial and residential developer in Coffs – Doug Gam) I became very aware of the difficulties, and, at times, unnecessary hurdles faced in developing and creating projects that were good for the town and community.

“A council should ‘represent’ the people of the LGA, with a fairer distribution of ratepayers funds.”

Rob says he advocates for transparency when it comes to financial management decisions and future planning, especially from senior management through to the councillors, to be the voice for the people that elected them.

“Our future is potentially incredibly bright, but needs a better direction than the lagging behind of recent times; to propel the potential of our geographical position and stunningly unique terrain, where mountains meet the beaches.

“I believe that if we want our town to be the best, we need to tap into the best, which is the wealth of experience within our community,” Rob urged.

Rodger Pryce added, “We are thrilled to welcome Rob to Team Together, his life experience and strong Coffs Harbour roots will make a valuable contribution to our future.”



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