Rose Crick from Bulahdelah passed away after battle with cancer

Well known Myall Coast News and former Port Stephens Examiner newspaper person Rosemary Crick passed away last Thursday morning after an 8 month battle with cancer.

Many of you would know Rose since she is a ‘local girl’ from Bulahdelah.

For the last 3 months Rose has been so very instrumental in getting the Myall Coast News, this important local community newspaper,Rosemary Crick bulahdelah

‘off the ground’.

Myall Coast News was truly very lucky to have had the opportunity for Rose Crick to be on the team, even for the short time she was with us.
Rose Crick did say a few times that “she saw the opportunity to work for the paper”, yet it was indeed our good fortune to have had Rose’s help.

In that short window of time she grew and developed many client relationships and was working with so many more. She was amazing.
She made a difference to our paper and our community. We thank and remember her for that.

Rose’s Funeral is at 11am Friday 8 August 2014 at St Brigids Catholic Church, Bulahdelah.
Myall Coast News contacted Rose’s former boss at the Examiner, Michael Wright, and asked if he would tell us more about Rose’s long newspaper career.

By Michael WRIGHT

IT’S true that Rosemary Crick had “Ink running through her veins”, as the saying goes, known all to well within the news and media industry.
She had a lot more than that though [running through her veins] I learnt, as I got to know this wonderful lady.
Fishing, camping, travelling (by 4WD up north offcourse), family, work mates, her clients.
I’m proud and I feel fortunate to have worked with Rose for the past 4 years, as her boss at the Port Stephens Examiner.
Although, through many adult discussions, passionate debates and actually quite a few mate-to-mate chats, it was hard sometimes to know ‘who was the boss?’.
Rose and I had a top relationship.
Her, being from the bush, calling a spade a “friggin spade”, blunt as a sledge hammer, yet sharper than any fishing knife.
I liked Rose a lot, from the very moment I interviewed her, I clearly remember that my first feeling was “I like this girl”.
Rose had over 29 successful years in newspapers.
Ink running through her veins.
In the mid 80’s she started with the Post newspaper at Newcastle as an advertising representative.
The Post being owned by the Newcastle Herald, meant that she was working on the local daily for that time also.
In the early 90’s after briefly living in Townsville for 18 months (still working for a Community paper up there, I might add), Rose worked at the Australian and the Telegraph for News Limited, heading up the Hunter region of responsibilities.
She did this for about 17 years.
Rose came back to Fairfax Media after that, in 2009, working for about 6 months at the Herald before coming to the Port Stephens Examiner in January 2010.
In October last year, Rose left early from work because she hadn’t been feeling too well that week.
To give you an indication of how dedicated, passionate, committed and caring Rose was about the job and her customers, Rose said in her email to me [email quote] “hi, I am heading home still quiet sick, most probably should not have come at all today however my clients needs are more important.”

That’s Rose.
Rose found out that weekend she had two tumors and her fight began against this non-discriminatory disease.
Rose never came back to work for me at the Examiner.
It took 6 months before Rose resigned though.
Throughout her positive treatments and progress, she had full intentions of “beating it”… and “getting back to work”, as she put it.
That’s Rose.
You know, even after she officially resigned in April this year, (Ink running through her veins), Rose went to work for the last 3 months for a newly started newspaper where she lived.
The Myall Coast News.
You see, Rose always wanted to “make a difference”, and it didn’t surprise me that she wanted to make a difference to this Myall Coast Community where she lived.
I can’t imagine how many lives Rose touched, impacted and influenced throughout her long working career.
I can say, I’m one.


ROSEMARY (Rose) Livingstone Crick was born in Muswellbrook on 14 May 1956 to Stanley Throne Crick and Elizabeth Moyra (Betty) Crick (nee Dalgleish).
Rose, as she was affectingly known, was the second daughter of Stan and Betty and is survived by her partner Michael, Brothers Peter, Paul, Gerald and Denis and Sister Anne and their families.
In her early years Rose lived on the family property ‘Garden Reach’ Wybong 16 kilometres west of Muswellbrook. Growing up in a rural environment Rose soon became good at horse riding and developed a great love for animals and the outdoors.
She attended St James Catholic Primary School, Muswellbrook High School and for short time St Catherine’s at Singleton.
Soon after completing her School Certificate in 1970, Rose commenced employment with the local radio station 2NM as the receptionist.
Her early love for organising business and selling of advertising soon took over and Rose embarked on a career in media sales and promotional activities with 2NM.
She moved on and was soon managing a small business in the town selling quality sound equipment from the local Hi-Fi shop in Brook Street Muswellbrook.
Rose moved to Newcastle in the early 80’s to further her sales advertising career and commenced working with Fairfax at the Newcastle Sun.
She built up a good rapport with her clients and was well respected by those she worked with.
In the mid 1990’s Rose moved to News Ltd , then embark on her freelance career with a number of smaller publications in the Newcastle, Hunter and mid north coast regions.
With her parents getting along in years Rose moved from Cardiff to Tea Gardens to be close to her parents and assist when her mother’s health was declining.
In 2005 Betty passed away and she devoted more time to caring for her father Stan.
In 2006 Rose moved with her father to Bulahdelah and cared for him until he passed away in 2013.
Rose was always about bringing her family and friends together which saw her host many well organised seasonal and social gatherings where everybody enjoyed her good music, food and hospitality.
Rose enjoyed camping, the outdoors and hiking through the bush and rainforest.
Rose would often visit her property in Barrington Tops to enjoy the tranquillity and solace of the bush.
In her earlier years, she explored South Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland by motor bike and only last month camped and travelled the Kimberleys.
Having been named after David Livingstone (a distant relative), her independence, resourcefulness, sense of adventure and eagerness to explore remote areas meant that she did the Livingstone name proud.
Rose will be remembered for her honesty and integrity.
She didn’t hesitate to call a spade a spade and passionately stuck to her guns when she believed the cause was right.
Her kind and loyal heart meant that she truly valued her family, friends and the people around her.
She enjoyed life and touched the lives of all those who knew her.



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