Rotary Club Initiative Offers Free Men’s Health Check at Salamander Bay


WHEN it comes to looking after ourselves some men take on the she’ll be right attitude.

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But sticking one’s head in the sand can lead to health issues getting far worse than they may need to.

Chris Bartlett of the Nelson Bay Rotary Club told News Of The Area, “Many men in rural and regional Australia haven’t had a check-up with their doctor since they don’t remember when… in fact many haven’t darkened a surgery door for years!”

The Nelson Bay Rotary Club will be assisting in providing Free Men’s Health Checks at Salamander Bay Shopping centre on Saturday March 28 and March 29.

Previous clinics held at Tea Gardens and Medowie have been well attended mherv – ‘Men’s Health Education Rural Van’ is a Rotary project.

It is a purpose-built caravan with two consulting rooms which since 2017 has toured through well over 100 centres in NSW, many of them more than once.

It has a full time Registered Nurse who conducts health tests among rural men.

The Men’s Health Education Rural Van (mherv) is out and about in rural New South Wales to save lives.

That sounds a bit dramatic perhaps, but plenty of rural men just drop dead in the paddock, because nobody saw it coming.

Rotary’s mherv project offers a free, ten minute, non-invasive group of tests.

The tests include blood pressure, checking blood sugar levels through a simple pin-prick, and testing for cholesterol levels.

A health check with mherv is completely free.

It is a community service provided by Rotary and our sponsors, particularly the Royal Freemasons’ Benevolent Institution and the Rotary Clubs of New South Wales.

As a result of the program by the end of May 2019… 2,368 people had been tested who were recommended to contact their G.P. to arrange for a regular medical checkup.

3,136 had been advised to take their test results to their doctor, as there was a specific issue that may need treatment.

164 had been advised to seek medical advice immediately as they were at risk of suffering a serious episode, perhaps a heart attack or stroke.

It is unlikely these people would have sought medical advice without the mherv test and would soon have experienced a potentially life threatening or terminal event.

These lives were probably saved by the project’s efforts.

The van will be located in the rear car park at the Salamander Bay Shopping Centre for the weekend.



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