All Saints Anglican Church, Nelson Bay extension to Anna Bay

 THIS month sees the celebration of 50 years since the construction of the first Lutheran Church in the Bay Area.news_allsaints_jd_py-1

The Anna Bay location saw the Lutheran church as an active, important part of the community for more than 45 years.

Unfortunately a couple of years ago the doors closed due to an ever decreasing number of parishioners.

Many of the local parishioners dispersed and some began attending All Saints Anglican Church.

All Saints Anglican Church, Nelson Bay has recently announced that they will be leasing the former Lutheran Church building and site as an extension arm of the Anglican Church.

“The Lutheran Church was a very community focused church , working with local charities , organisations and schools etc, always promoting community,” Reverend Kesh Govan, All Saints Minister, told Bay News Of The Area.

“We want to continue with the same community focused tradition but we are excited to announce that the youth of All Saints

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Anglican Church Nelson Bay, will run the new church and the services will be completely family orientated,” Reverend Kesh said.

“The services will be held every Saturday night from 5pm.”

The Opening Event begins at 4pm Saturday, 24 September

There will be a Free Community BBQ, Family Games, as well as the opportunity to view the church and a service conducted afterwards.

The afternoon will begin with a “Welcome to Country” by one of our own Aboriginal youth representatives.

It promises to be a great community afternoon.

Contact All Saints Anglican Church Nelson Bay for more details on 02 49811839

Reverend Kesh Govan
Reverend Kesh Govan


By  Jewell DRURY

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