Salt Artist, Julie Bailey success into international market

Salt Artist, Julie Bailey success into international market
Salt Artist, Julie Bailey success into international market

SALT Ash artist, Julie Bailey has recently broken into the international market, with her first artwork on its way to England.

‘New Friends’, a coloured chalk pastel piece of two young chimps has been bought as a wedding gift that will make its way to the other side of the world.

Purchased at Tanilba Art Gallery (TAG), the artwork will now spend weeks in transit after the added cost of postage.

Julie who paints under her middle name ‘Florence’ has been creating works of art for the majority of her life but when she settled down to start her family she took a step away to concentrate on raising her two children.

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With her children now in High School, she has more time to combine two of her passions: art and animals.

Julie told News Of The Area, “It was truly lovely to think that someone thought so much of one of my pieces  that they would buy it as a gift and send it oversees.”

“I rang my little sister to tell her the news and she pointed out my art was travelling further than me and perhaps it might open some doors internationally,” she said.

Julie is also contributing her services to raise money for Willow, a dingo who requires $9000 worth of veterinary attention after being hit by a car.

The online auction to raise funds will close on Sunday 28 August, with the highest bidder winning a pet portrait by Julie of their favourite Furbaby.

All money raised will go towards Willows vet bills.

Bids can be made on the Western Australian Dingo Association Page.

“I can sometimes help to raise more money by donating my work then I can by just donating myself and when it’s to help save an animal how can you not want to help,” said Julie.






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